Fast dogs vs strong dogs?

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Fast dogs vs strong dogs?

One thing I found really interesting when filming the Quest was to hear many of the elders, including mushers, compare "then" and "now" when it comes to running the dogs. They told stories of how, in the old days, the dogs would pull heavy loads for two or three days straight, with perhaps a whole family sitting and sleeping on top of the load. Speed was not important; strength and endurance was what counted. In today's Quest, of course, speed has become important, even if the long distances requires stamina, as well. But it's good to keep in mind that many of the teams are used for hunting or even taking tourists to the floe edge, so they get used to several kinds of mushing, as opposed to teams elsewhere whose only job is to race. Frankly, I prefer the all-round dogs.

The Strong Ones

For me the old ways are the paramount ideal, hence the strong dogs win :)

I've heard that the Nunavut Quest organizers are considering implementing a rule for mandatory extra load on sleds, in order to favour the traditional type of dogs. I hope to see that happen...

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fast dogs vs. strong dogs

Until recent times the real Inuit dog was a work animal first and a racer only at special events such as Christmas or Easter games. Its real strength was as a hard working hauler over the long trail. When I lived in Igloolik I was out with Attagutallik and his brother Simeonie Kaunaq to retrieve a very large walrus that snowmobile hunters had shot but could not retrieve from the hole in the ice where it was killed. With skill and the strength of about 30 dogs we were able to get the walrus up onto the ice and then after cutting into pieces the two teams carried about 1000 lbs each back to Igloolik with ease. Those were real dogs, qimmimarrit, not fast but strong and steady. The Quest needs to help in preserving that type of Inuit Dog.


What is the meaning of the word qimmimarrit?

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Strong Vs Speed

Hmm I always had strong long legged dogs heavy fur sibe Huskie wolfy type that could trot for ever seemed like but wasnt fast,
I tried to quallify for Iditarod in a 300 mile race in michigan realy wasnt a race but a Quallifing run. with manditory rests at check points. While my team was last in to check points they still wonted to go and the fast teams was tired out . but we had to stop.Was told that I would have to speed my team up or return to start and not quallifi. I told them let me stay running and dont stop me for lay overs I beleave they wouldnt keep up Or be in faster than the others But couldnt. So now in order to race these 300 0r 200 mile race or even the Iditarod you almost need a sprint team. I have 3 small fast dogs was going to breed for new type of team but cant , Dont Feel comfortable with small hipper fast dogs. Hmm what to do Allways had big strong dogs to work my trappline as a kidd hard to trust them hipper hounds x breed Any Imput would be nice on this.