Base Camp Bigfork Dog Sled Lodge Bigfork, Montana

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Base Camp Bigfork
Base Camp Bigfork Dog Sled Lodge Bigfork, Montana


Unlike most dogsledding outfits across the country, Base Camp Bigfork Dog Sledding, provides a "hands on" approach allowing you, the participant, the opportunity to drive your own team of our friendly and hard working Inuit Sled Dogs. You can become as involved with the experience as you choose, which also includes harnessing and caring for your team. All of our trips are customized to your wants, needs, and abilities. Base Camp Bigfork takes pride in sharing the winter landscape of Northwest Montana with others. We are here to enhance your appreciation for winter and the environment in which we travel.

Whether you are looking for a leisurely cruise on an open trail or a true backcountry adventure, Base Camp's guided dogsled trips will suit your mushing needs.