Production Team

Production Team

Joelie Sanguya

Co-director, co-writer

Joelie considers the Nunavut Quest as the high point of his year. 2010 was his sixth race. Joelie was born “on the land” of northern Baffin Island, exactly the place of this year’s race! His family moved into the tiny village of Clyde River, where Joelie went to school. He trained to become a teacher and school principal. Ten years ago, with encouragement from his mother, he began building a family dog team, after nearly thirty years of no dogs. Joelie co-founded Piksuk Media in 2005, as one of three partners.

Ole Gjerstad

Co-director, co-writer

Piksuk partner Ole hails from Norway and has Arctic history in his blood. He has been working in Nuanvut for 22 years, and since 2005 has co-written and co-directed Piksuk’s documentaries “The Mystery of Arqioq” and “Qimmit: A Clash of Two Truths.” Among Ole’s previous award-winning films from the Arctic are “Kikkik”, “Amarok’s Song”, and “The Muskox Patrol.”

Charlotte DeWolff

Producer, co-writer

Charlotte fulfills senior producer duties for Piksuk Media’s television projects including Qimmit, A Clash of Two Truths and The Mystery of Arqioq. She conceived the concept for the Nunavut Quest television series and associated digital media components. Charlotte lives and works in Nunavut where she is active in the film and television industry. She serves on the Board of Nunavut Film Development Corporation and Ajjiit Nunavut Media Association.

Mike Jaypoody


Editing, Camera


Mike lives in the remote community of Clyde River with his wife and two young children. He became interested in film while employed at the Ilisaqsivik Society Wellness Centre in the hamlet. He first started out as a trainee on Piksuk Media's first documentary, The Mystery of Arqioq. Mike has continued to work with Piksuk on all of its projects, and served as Editor and Camera person for The Quest. Mike is now the Media Facility Manager at Ilisaqsivik Society. He is very skilled in many areas. His work as cameraman, lighting technician, sound recordist and editor make him a valuable member of any film crew. He is fluent in English and Inuktitut.

David Poisey




David Poisey is Nunavut's most accomplished videographer. He has been DOP on two Piksuk Media documentaries, The Quest and Qimmit, A Clash of Two Truths.

David was born in Kiviroo north of Qikigtarjuaq on Southern Baffin Island. Growing up he traveled with his parents on the land and sea around Pangnirtung. After attending Mohawk College in Hamilton, Ontario for a certification in Film and Television Technology, David returned to Pangnirtung. He now lives there with his wife and five children.

David has won many awards and is recognized as a mentor of Inuit within the industry. He is a proponent of Inuit telling their stories. He adds his passion, creativity and skills to each and every project.


Narration - Karliin Aariak


Camera - Mike Jaypoody, Huw Eirug, Simon Bujold, Miles Finlayson, Albert Panipak


Sound - Mike Jaypoody


Editors - Mike Jaypoody, Miles Finlayson


Original Music - Chris Coleman, Ellen Hamilton


Translation - Igah Sanguya, Mike Jaypoody


Go-Pro Footage - Joey Aqiaruq, Jake Gearheard, Niko Innuarak, David Iqaqrialu, Joelie Sanguya


Production & Post Production Facility - Ilisaqsivik Family Resource Centre, Clyde River


Post-production Coordination - Gordon Kautuk, Jenna Palituq, Rosemary Sanguya, Clara Natanine


Online editing - Miles Finlayson, Mike Jaypoody


Sound editing and mix - Claude Chevalier


Photo Archives - Lee Narraway


The Mushers:

No 1: Niko Innuarak

No 2: Esa Palituq

No 3: Joelie Qaunaq

No 4: Peter Siakaluk

No 5: Denise Maliki

No 6: Olayuq Barnabas

No 7: Sam Omik

No 8: Raygeelee Piungituq

No 9: Jake Awa

No 10: Jakob Gearheard

No 11: Natalino Piungatuq

No 12: Andy Attagutalukutuk

No 13: Joey Aqiaruq

No 14: David Iqaqrialu

No 15: Joelie Sanguya

No 16: Moses Ujukuluk

No 17: Lee Innuarak